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We originally booked a Sunday which was cancelled due to lack of capacity, which was a shame because weather wise Sunday was the far better day, nether the less when we did finally set sale on the re arranged Tuesday trip, we were well taken care of by exceptionally friendly staff and made to feel welcomed by all as well as other passengers, we sailed along the coast taking in beautiful views whilst listening to great music, we had cocktails made for us even tho the boat was rocking as it went until we finally settled in a picture perfect spot, where we given the opportunity to get in the water and take part in various activities, we were fed well, and had a great day, on the way back the captain came round offering everyone a free shot of honey rum, we loved this as a day out, would recommend and go again, can't thank the staff anough for what was perhaps my favourite day of the holiday



We originally booked for a Sunday but this was cancelled as they didn't sell anough tickets which was a shame because weather wise Sunday was a far superior day, nethertheless, the experience did not disappoint, and we were made to feel very welcome by both staff members and other passengers, we had a lovely trip with beautiful views along the coast set to great music, when we got there we were given the chance to take part in water activities, we were fed and taken care of by the exceptional staff at all times and given a free shot of honey rum on the way back. I loved this

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